Growing Through the Seasons of Change

by Nikki Russel, Recovery Coach

October 25, 2022

As I am walking down the sidewalk, crisp leaves crunch beneath my feet and I cannot help but think about when I was a little girl, and my uncle would rake all the leaves into a big pile for us to jump in. My innocent years before I understood what my little life could become. Back then it was about the simple things in life, recovery from a tough day at school meant falling into the pile of leaves, forgetting that any sadness exists. Looking forward to Halloween that usually meant dressing up as a clown or a ghost (a sheet thrown over with two eyes cut out).

It is incredible how the seasons changing can trigger memories that remind me of simpler times. The holidays always brought hope that maybe Santa could magically repair life, the snow could wash away pain, and presents could make me happy. Today I often wonder if the changing seasons spark an emotional response to the things of long ago creating a negative or positive response to life. Winter can be isolating for me; I need to replace the old memories with new ones that remind me how far I have come in recovery.

Just as the earth has seasons so does my life in recovery, they each bring a new set of challenges and gifts, that allow me to grow into the person I choose to become. I do not get to choose these things that will grow me, but I do get to choose how I respond. So, although winter is on its way, maybe I could choose to create the magic in my moments, remember that each breathe is a gift, and help people heal through the winter of their recovery.



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