Seasonal Changes

by Lea Wetzel, Drop-in Center Coordinator

October 18, 2022

It’s the season of changes. During this time of the year, we can have a mixture of emotions that we are feeling, dealing, and coping with. Everyone in recovery has their own story and I know for me, mine involves a lot of good times, amazing times, and a lot of traumatic times too. So, being able to be transparent within all this can be very helpful and allows us to verbalize what it is in fact we are going through and finding what it is we need during this time. Also, to be able to share with each other and our peers how we decide this looks and what helps can set the tone for this holiday season and more to come.

Allowing self-care, support groups, one on ones, planning family time, and letting others know our boundaries up front, can keep us feeling safe during this time. During the time away from our normal routines and lives, we can develop plans and back-up plans before the break we take during the holidays, which can give us the necessary resources and support we need. Taking the time to be in the moment with our loved ones, children, and within all our relationships is key for good holiday memories.

We as a Nation are coming into a time of movement of all types, and I truly believe we here within recovery are ones that can be the change, hope, difference, and be the light for others around us. While we heal, we are healing generations before and to come, so be the reason someone’s season is a memorable one and be that example of transparency no matter what part of the year, season, or age we are in.


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