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Montana’s Peer Network is a statewide peer run 501c3 non-profit recovery organization with a mission to lead the expansion and development of recovery-oriented behavioral health services in Montana.
Staff and Board at Strategic Planning August 2020

We are a network of over 1500 individuals in 78 communities across Montana who are in recovery from mental health, substance abuse and/or addiction struggles. We provide information, education, training, peer support and resources across the state using our own “lived experience” in long term recovery. This is the recovery movement. A national shift from a maintenance model of behavioral health to a recovery model, where every individual has access to care, choices, and the message that “recovery is possible.”

We are peer run, by people in recovery. We promote the recovery concepts of hope, self advocacy, education, peer support, personal responsibility and resiliency. We believe that these concepts are universal regardless of what recovery program you may chose. We are a member based organization with a board of directors and staff. Our main office is located in beautiful Livingston, Montana but our staff are located across the state.

The consumer/peer movement officially began in Montana in 2006. Originally name Calm4us, Montana’s Peer Network became the first recognized peer organization in Montana. The main focus was to implement Wellness Recovery Action Planning workshops started by four WRAP facilitators. We worked closely with Mental Health America of Montana, through its National Consumer Technical Assistance Center (NCSTAC) to create the organization that exists today.

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