Recovery is Life

by Lea Wetzel, Drop-in Center Coordinator

September 19, 2023

Recovery is the beginning of positive change and development of the spirit and who the human being is, as an individual. It is the bond and balance of body, mind, and soul. It is the discovery of who Creator really made someone to be.

Recovery has been the lifestyle, workforce, and individual I represent. It is acceptance of who I am as a woman in recovery. It has shown me what I am to be, and how I am supposed show up in spaces of all areas I am in. Recovery is why I can be who I am as a woman, a mom, a leader, a voice, and an individual who is okay with making mistakes. It has taught me how to navigate through mistakes and where and why I need to be who Creator made me to be, flaws and all.

Recovery is the love for myself, my family, my community, and all cross-cultural nationalities. It is humanizing my interactions and being able to use the natural gifts we have. It is showing love for Creator through the actions of cultural humility.

Recovery is the life I chose and continue to choose today, no matter the storm, and the rainbow after the storm. It is being able to dance in the storm and embracing the need for voice and positive change. It is being able to show humility when times are tough and setting an example for others to come to be the next generations of leaders to come.

Recovery is not always the easiest life to live. We still feel all the hurt, pain, and prosperities that life gives, here on Earth. It is about how we journey through this Red Road, called recovery. It is being teachable, respectable, and it is honoring another’s journey by equal balance and humanness, we can offer one another. It is bringing another up and not down, and it can be our gift back to Creator, for giving us the gift of today, the present.

Our gift is life and choosing to live in recovery and being an individual that stands for hope, mindfulness, compassion, and respect, can make us in our recovery. It is life that gifts us the knowledge we need to endure the difficulties of life. Recovery is possible and EVERYONE can succeed. If you can dream it up, it can be the life Creator meant for you to have, here today, in recovery.


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