Beyond Recovery

by Mandy Nunes, Assistant Director

March 14, 2023

Early on in my recovery, I was very focused on myself, and that was necessary. I spent countless hours in treatment, in therapy, and in 12 step meetings. I was focused on becoming a better version of myself, on changing my thought patterns and behaviors. I worked on creating the person that I am today. I found I have a deep passion for helping people. That passion started by supporting others directly on their recovery journey and that passion has evolved as my own recovery has evolved. Today I help others on their recovery journey in a different way. I focus on supporting and developing those that provide direct support to others. I help create and facilitate trainings across our state, educating and preparing peer supporters to navigate the deep waters where recovery intersects with so many different systems of care, such as SUD treatment, mental health treatment, the department of corrections, psychiatric hospitals, etc. I get to advocate for systems change, to use my voice to stand up for what’s right, to fight for the removal of barriers to services, to educate on the importance of more funding, and to share my story in hopes that it will open new doors and provide the opportunity for more people to find the hope of recovery.

All of the wonderful things I listed above give me great pride, and though they are signs of my personal successes, they do not mean that I am cured or live without struggle or challenges. I struggle with depression and a panic disorder and my mental health ebbs and flows. I have to listen to my body and pay attention to my wellness. I re-engage in therapy when needed. I take medication. When I get off track with my routine, I have to re-center myself. My life may not be perfect, but it is so far beyond what I thought recovery would be. I’m so grateful to be the woman I am today and to live the beautiful life that recovery has given me!


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