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Montana’s Peer Network is a statewide peer run 501c3 non-profit recovery organization with a mission to lead the expansion and development of recovery-oriented behavioral health services in Montana.

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

GOAL 1: Financial Diversification
Be a self-sustaining organization

GOAL 2: Projects & Programs
Support current projects & programs

GOAL 3: Advocacy and Public Relations
Expand our influence

Goal 4: Legacy Planning
Build capacity among board members and staff

We are a network of over 1000 individuals in 78 communities across Montana who are in recovery from mental health, substance abuse and/or addiction struggles. We provide information, education, training, peer support and resources across the state using our own “lived experience” in long term recovery. This is the recovery movement. A national shift from a maintenance model of behavioral health to a recovery model, where every individual has access to care, choices, and the message that “recovery is possible.

We are peer run, by people in recovery. We promote the recovery concepts of hope, self advocacy, education, peer support, personal responsibility and resiliency. We believe that these concepts are universal regardless of what recovery program you may chose. We are a member based organization with a board of directors and staff. Our main office is located in beautiful Livingston, Montana but our staff are located across the state.

The consumer/peer movement officially began in Montana in 2006. Originally name Calm4us, Montana’s Peer Network became the first recognized peer organization in Montana. The main focus was to implement Wellness Recovery Action Planning workshops started by four WRAP facilitators. We worked closely with Mental Health America of Montana, through its National Consumer Technical Assistance Center (NCSTAC) to create the organization that exists today.

Our History

Current and Past Funders

Organization Timeline

  • SAMHSA awards MPN a 3 year grant for Peer Advocacy and Leadership Development Project
  • MPN receives funding from MT Mental Health Trust to begin Recovery Coaching program in Townsend
  • 2019 Legislature approves peer support as a Medicaid billable service $6m
  • Annual Recovery Conference held September 6 in Helena
  • Membership surpasses 1100
  • Training offered:
    • 4 PS101 trainings
    • 1 Employer/Provider trainings
    • 4 Trauma trainings
    • 2 Recovery Program Must Haves
    • 3 Intro to Recovery
    • 3 Navigating Complex Relationship trainings
    • 1 Clinical Supervisor trainings
    • 24 webinars offered

  • MPN receives the Mignon Waterman Award from the MT Healthcare Foundation for innovation and leadership in behavioral health
  • Annual Recovery Conference held September 15 in Missoula
  • MPN receives funding from MT Mental Health Trust to begin Recovery Coaching program in Butte
  • SAMHSA Statewide Consumer Network Grant and Recovery Opioid Project continue
  • MPN begins consulting with Eastern Montana Community Mental Health to implement Recovery Coaching Project
  • Membership passes 900 members
  • Training offered:
    • 6 PS101 trainings
    • 3 Employer/Provider Trainings
    • 9 Trauma trainings
    • 1 Intro to Recovery training
    • 2 Clinical Supervisor trainings
    • 6 webinars
  • Over 800 members across the state
  • Staff expands to 5
  • MPN receives a 2-year grant to implement peer support programming as part of the State Targeted Response to the Opioid Crisis grant
  • Senate Bill 62 certification of Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialists passes the state legislature 149-1 and is signed into law March 30, 2017. The law goes into effect October 31, 2017
  • Executive Director Jim Hajny receives the NAMI “Hero” Award
  • SAMHSA grant and Recovery Coach Outreach Project in Bozeman continue
  • Training offered:
    • 6 PS101 trainings
    • 3 Employer/Provider trainings
    • 9 Trauma trainings
    • 1 Intro to Recovery training
    • 2 Clinical Supervisor trainings
    • 6 webinars
  • Montana reaches 100 peer supporters in the workforce for the first time
  • MPN receives a 3-year SAMHSA Peer Support Recovery Enhancement Project grant to train peer supporters state-wide
  • National Council features MPN in article on peer support and law enforcement
  • Membership surpasses 700
  • Training offered:
    • 4 PS101 trainings
    • 11 Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies events
  • Over 560 members across the state
  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies workbook developed
  • Recovery Coach Pilot Project provides community based mobile crisis outreach in Gallatin County utilizing peer support and working in conjunction with CIT Montana
  • Training offered:
    • First Peer Support 101 training
    • 19 Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies events
  • MPN reaches the 400 member count
  • Recovery Coach Pilot Project in Gallatin County launched (3 pilot projects are funded by the Montana Mental Health Trust to move peer support out of centers and placing it in the community. Winds of Change, Consumer Direct and MPN all hire peer supporters)
  • Peer Support 101 training is developed
  • 7 Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies events offered
  • MPN receives SAMHSA grant award for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies; a peer approach
  • MPN begins to promote standards and training for peer supporters
  • A documentary entitled Dandelion is produced on the impact of early childhood trauma
  • 5 day WRAP Facilitator Training sponsored by MPN
  • Wellafalooza is sponsored in Billings
  • Membership surpasses 300
  • Wellness and Recovery telephonic support group offered
  • MPN joins the National Coalition on Mental Health Recovery
  • WRAP workshops are offered throughout the state
  • Holistic recovery workshop offered
  • Mental Health TV and recovery podcasts are launched

The latest incarnation of Montana’s statewide peer run organization was officially incorporated in December 2011 with non profit 501c3 status achieved. The entire organization was re-constituted and the old organization dissolved. With new leadership, a new board of directors and new by-laws Montana’s Peer Network was born. New recruitment, executive director hired, healthy budget and we began to forge a new future.