Healthy Relationships

by Bill Deavel, Peer Support Coordinator

January 31, 2023

Well, this will be my fourth time I have written on this topic while at MPN. Let’s see what my heart puts down on paper. I believe that relationships are what gives each of our lives purpose. The connection that each of us have with the people in our lives is what gives us the ability have the emotions that we get to experience. I also believe that we get to have a relationship with ourselves. I know for myself for a long time I sought relationships with others so that I could feel a certain way. The relationship that I have cultivated with myself has given me the ability to have quality relationships with others.

My spirituality has been the key to be able to unlock who I truly am. My relationship with God has freed me from self and has given me my purpose in life which is to serve others. This is my foundation in being able to maintain quality relationships with others. Now, I wish I could say that I handle all the different relationships in my life with perfection, however that is not the case. I choose to do a daily inventory on how I treated others. Most days I treat others with dignity and respect, there are those days when I need to go to individuals and own my behavior and correct the mistakes that I have done. I know for myself when my time here on earth is over, I want to be remembered as someone that gave himself to others in a way that had a positive impact on each of their lives. I will end with saying that if we are willing to be honest with ourselves and continue to work on the relationships in our lives, we will have the opportunity to experience love joy and respect. Treasure the relationships that you have, they are important.



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