Author: Andi Daniel

Reality and Acceptance

For most of my life, I avoided reality. At the time, I didn’t know this was what I was doing. I would have said I was helping or fixing or taking charge or being strong or managing. I felt that I was in control. I thought my tactics would move me forward, but, in fact, they did not. They kept me stuck. You could tell I was stuck by my often-used phrases of “This isn’t fair!” or “Why did this happen to me?” I constantly wished things were different, that I was a different person with a different life. My thoughts and reflections about life and myself included words such as “should”, “ought”, and “must.”

Technology and Mental Health

You have probably heard that computers, phones, social media, and other apps are bad for your mental health. That can definitely be an issue as many things in our lives can affect our mental health. In general, too much of just about anything can be problematic. There are various ways in which technology can adversely affect us but there are great things that technology can do for us.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Check out stickers and other resources for Mental Health Awareness Month and Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week!

The HeArt of Recovery

Get support navigating the path of becoming a parent with creative solutions. A guided conversation with weekly recovery topics and creative projects with a focus on “Recovery by the Week” and Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies. Groups offered online every other Tuesday at noon.  

Trauma Informed Peer Support

Learn how to support people who have expereinced trauma

Peer Leadership

Develop and implement leadership skills.

Developing Local Affiliates

Learn how to bring MPN resources to your community as an affiliate.

Fostering Partnerships

Learn how you can build partnerships as a leader and advocate.

How to be an Effective Advocate

Learn about the basics of how boards function, what the expectations are, and how to be a leader and advocate for the recovery movement

Advance Psychiatric Directives

This online training will help you understand the process for writing an Advanced Psychiatric Directive (APD) and the laws concerning them in Montana.

Intro to Recovery

This introductory training is designed for those who want to know more about recovery, those who are new to recovery or want to learn more about the recovery movement.


cBHPSS code of ethics, boundaries, and ethical dilemmas facing peer support specialists.

Cultivating Workforce Integrity

Cultivating and maintaining personal and professional integrity is imperative to the success and sustainability of the peer workforce.

Professional Development

Continuing Educaiton, Mentoring, and Self-care

Provider/Employer Training

Intended for employers or providers of peer services, or those who intended to start up peer services in their organization.

Peer Support Program Essentials

Peer Support Program Essentials explores best practices for recovery programs

Cultural Mindfulness: Building Bridges

Develop abilities to be a positive support system across cultures

Transcending Suicide: Tools for Overcoming Distress

This course meets the requirments on of Board of Behavioral Heatlh as suicide interverntion.

Peer Coaching: Debriefing

Learn techniques for processing the coaching expereince.

Peer Coaching: Healthy Boundaries

This chapter describes the importance of healthy boundaries