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Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies: a peer approach is a signature program from Montana’s Peer Network that provides education around the importance of whole health wellness, trauma informed care and peer support. We do this by providing interactive workshops, webinars and through the use of social media. Our workshops are led by individuals in recovery from a mental health diagnosis who bring their own unique perspective to wellness. Together with attendees they will explore the mind body connection and the importance of overall wellbeing for successful recovery.

Give us a call if you would like more information or to find out how to book us for your location. 406-551-1058 or you can email us

Healthy Minds Healthy Bodies Workbook

HMHB Project was funded from 2013-2015 by SAMHSA via a Statewide Consumer Networking Grant #1H79SM061322-01

Health Minds Healthy Bodies 4 areas of focus

Peer Support     Trauma Informed Care     Whole Health Recovery    Advocacy

Where we will be:

Great Falls MSU Extension Resource Fair March 29, 2014

Conrad, Montana April 3, 2014

Browning Blackfoot Reservation Health Fair April 10, 2014

Lewistown April 29, 2014

Stone Child College April 23, 2014

Salish Kootnai College May 15 2014

Lewistown Presentation May 29 2014

Helena – August 9 2014

Missoula September 10, 2014  -Recovery Month

Cut Bank Health Fair September 18 Recovery Month

Helena April 9, 2015

Butte – April 14, 2015

Havre – April 21, 2015

Glasgow April 23, 2015

Malta April 24, 2015

Billings May 1 ,2015

Helena High May 4, 2015

MSU Missoula May 6, 2015

Montana State Hospital  May 28, 2015

Montana State Hospital June 25, 2015

Montana State Hospital July 23, 2015

August 8 – Resource Fair Helena

Montana State Hospital August 27, 2015

Recovery Conference September 19, 2015 (Helena)

Montana State Hospital September 24

Bozeman Fall 2015

Montana State Hospital October 23 2015

Livingston  Fall 2015

Montana State Hospital November 25 2015

Montana State Hospital December 17. 2015

Missoula and Billings 2016

Montana State Hospital January 28 2016

Montana State Hospital February 25 2016

Montana State Hospital March 24, 2016

Missoula WOC March 29, 2016

Butte – MHC April 15, 2016

Helena College April 17, 2016

Kalispell Spring 2016

Billings May Day MH Day May 1, 2016

Montana State University May 4, 2016

Ft Harrison Helena May 12, 2016

Washington DC May 19-20 2016




Featured Wellness Video

The “Anonymous People” Movie Trailer





Healthy Mind Healthy Body Resources

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