Montana’s Peer Network has developed a comprehensive 20-hour training program to equip peer supporters with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide peer support to individuals seeking recovery in the criminal justice system.  Certified Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialists (cBHPSS) will get a detailed description of the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM), how to navigate within each specific intercept socially and culturally, and forms of support and data collection pertaining to each intercept.  During Peer Support in the Criminal Justice System cBHPSS will have the opportunity to analyze in detail the ethical dilemmas and other barriers that may play a part in the success of peer support in the criminal justice system.  The training will include homework assignments, role plays, class exercises, discussion, and an exam to better prepare individuals for adversity and challenges in the different intercepts, or spaces between each phase of the criminal justice system.

Applicants must complete the application form and must have lived experience in the criminal justice system. The fee for this course is $230. For more information, email Jim.

Topics include:

  • Barriers & Bias
  • Sequential Intercept Model Overview
  • Addressing Criminal Thinking
  • Hierarchy of Needs
  • Addressing our trauma
  • Navigating Complex Relationships
  • Advocacy
  • Code of Ethics
  • Resources