Recovery Coach Outreach Program

Recovery coaching is an outreach program that offers one-on-one emotional and social support in communities as a form of prevention designed to engage individuals in recovery before high end crisis services are required. Recovery Coaching activities include:

  • Non-judgmental active listening
  • Wellness & Recovery Planning
  • Building Recovery Skills
  • Resourcing community services
  • Advocacy
  • Strength Based Support
  • Person Centered
  • Emphasis on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness

Recovery Coaching Works!

The 2014 pilot project in Gallatin County produced a 5 to 1 cost savings for crisis services. In our current Recovery Coaching Program in Butte:

  • 65% of clients receiving peer support said they would have or may have relapsed or self harmed if peer support had not been available that day.
  • 60% of clients served reported their peer support was session was “very beneficial & supportive.”
  • 30% of clients served said their peer support session was “above average.”
  • 100% of clients identified “Emotional” as type of support provided.

“This program is a missing link that is vital to our community (and many others) because it is Peers in recovery reaching out to other Peers who are struggling and need a ‘friend’ and a ‘coach’ to be with them to help guide them and give them hope along the way. They are able to make a difference in a way that a therapist or social worker isn’t able to, because they have a lived experience and can say, ‘I was where you are! There is hope!’”

-Testimonial from the mother of a Recovery Coach Client

MPN’s Recovery Coaching Program has been featured in webinars, national articles, statewide TV and more.

  • National article on project Nat Con Mag 2016
  • Montana-wide “Face the State” TV segment, Sept. 2017
  • Program Testimonial Letter
  • Two national webinars: Peers in Recovery Support Roles
  • Presented at the North Dakota Recovery Conference 2014
  • Presented Alternatives Conference 2015, Memphis, TN
  • Presented at Peerapocolypse 2015 Seaside, Oregon
  • Mental Health Policy Summit January 2016, Helena, MT
  • Butte/SilverBow Local Advisory Council April 2017

Interested in starting a Recovery Coaching Program in your community? We can bring the program to any community through consulting services or a full program. To schedule and information session or discuss how Recovery Coaching can be implemented in your community, contact Jim.

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