Past Events

Click the titles below to see the list of our events over the years!



February 2020 – Missoula

May 2019-Helena

April 2019-Great Falls

May 2017-Kalispell

May 2016- Washington DC, Ft Harrison Helena, Montana State University-Bozeman, & Billings May Day

April 2016-Kalispell, Helena College, & Butte

March 2016-Missoula WOC & Montana State Hospital

February 2016-Montana State Hospital

January 2016-Montana State Hospital

December 2015-Montana State Hospital

November 2015-Montana State Hospital

October 2015-Bozeman, Montana State Hospital, & Livingston

September 2015-Montana State Hospital

August 2015-Montana State Hospital

July 2015-Montana State Hospital

June 2015-Montana State Hospital

May 2015-Montana State Hospital, Helena, Billings

April 2015-Malta, Glasgow, Havre, Butte, Helena

September 2014-Missoula

August 2014-Helena

May 2014-Lewistown, Conrad, Salish Kootnai College & Stone Child College

January 2018- Peer Support and Recovery Presentation-Cutbank

August 2015-Resource Fair-Helena

September 2014-Health Fair Recovery Month-Cut Bank

April 2014-Blackfoot Reservation Health Fair-Browning

March 2014-MSU Extension Resource Fair-Great Falls



April 2019-Kalispell

November 2018- Helena

March 2018 – Helena

December 2017- Billings

October 2017- Missoula

December 2017- Missoula

June 2017- Glendive Mental Health Center

April 2017- Helena Indian Alliance

March 2020 – Virtual

November 2019-Livingston

April 2019 – Glendive

March 2019 – Billings Clinic




September 2020 – Virtual

August 2020 – Virtual

June 2020 – Butte

February 2020 – Missoula

November 2019-Helena

August 2019-Bozeman

May 2019-Hardin

February 2019-Billings

December 2018-Missoula

October 2018-Helena

July 2018-Bozeman

May 2018 – Browning

April 2018 – Kalispell

March 2018 – Butte

January 2018 – Helena

December 2017- Billings

October 2017- Missoula

September 2017- Great Falls

August 2017- Livingston

March 2017- Missoula

February 2017- Billings

October 2016- Livingston

August 2016- Kalispell Sunburst Mental Health Center

April 2016- Butte WMMHC

March 2016 – Missoula Winds of Change MHC

May 2015- Montana State Hospital

April 2015- Helena Jorgensen Inn

June 2019-Kalispell

November 2018-Helena, Pablo, and Missoula

February 2018- Livingston

August 2017-Billings, VA Montana, & Browning

July 2017-Butte

June 2017-Billings, Bozeman, & Glendive

May 2017-Kalispell & Missoula

June 2019 – Billings

October 2018- Helena and Missoula