Important information about SB30

SB 30 (Allowing Peer Support services to be reimbursed under Medicaid) is no longer tabled and is being heard in the Human Services Committee soon. There have been some significant changes to the Fiscal Note that will negatively impact service delivery for peer support. The current Fiscal Note (3) does not provide 2020 estimates. The below information is based on 2021 estimates.

2021 estimates Previous
(fiscal note 2)
(fiscal note 3)
Difference % decrease
Total funding $14,231,496 $6,170,936 $8,060,560 57%
Number of participants 8,925 5,269 3,656 41%
Monthly utilization (hours) 21,777 12,856 8,921 41%
Monthly hours per participant 2.44 2.44 0 0%
Hourly reimbursement rate $54.46 $40.00 $14.46 27%


As you can see, there are significant reductions in every area. Most notable is the decrease in the hourly reimbursement rate. This is the amount that employers are receiving for the hours you spend in direct services with clients. It is intended to cover the wages, benefits, taxes, clinical supervision and other overhead costs of providing peer support services.

  • The current reimbursement rate for peer support services is $53.92/hour.
  • Fiscal Note 3 reduces the reimbursement rate to $40/hour. This is a 27% reduction.
  • Fiscal Note 2 allowed for a yearly increase of 1%.
  • Fiscal Note 3 does not allow for a yearly increase.

What does this mean for Peer Support specialists?

  • Your wages and/or benefits could be reduced or you could be laid off.
  • The average wage for Peer Support Specialists in Montana is $15/hour. A 27% decrease would make the wage $10.95/hour.
  • Peer Support programs may be eliminated.

Montana’s Peer Network does not believe this is sustainable. In its current version, this bill would damage the fledgling peer support workforce statewide therefore Montana’s Peer Network cannot support it. If you choose to contact legislators, we have found that it is most effective to email them directly rather than using the online forms. You can find email addresses by clicking on the legislator’s name below.

Human Services Committee

Member Assignment
Dennis R Lenz  (R) HD 53 Chair
Edward Buttrey  (R) HD 21 Vice Chair
Gordon Pierson  (D) HD 78 Vice Chair
Kim Abbott  (D) HD 83 Member
Jade Bahr  (D) HD 50 Member
Barbara Bessette  (D) HD 24 Member
David Dunn  (R) HD 9 Member
Mary Ann Dunwell  (D) HD 84 Member
Kathy Kelker  (D) HD 47 Member
Forrest Mandeville  (R) HD 57 Member
Terry Moore  (R) HD 54 Member
Shane A Morigeau  (D) HD 95 Member
Vince Ricci  (R) HD 55 Member
Walt Sales  (R) HD 69 Member
Lola Sheldon-Galloway  (R) HD 22 Member
Barry Usher  (R) HD 40 Member
Peggy Webb  (R) HD 43 Member
Tom Welch  (R) HD 72 Member
Thomas Winter  (D) HD 96 Member