Therapy Aid Coalition Free & Low Fee Short-Term Essential Therapy

In mid-March, 2020, Therapy Aid Coalition launched its first initiative, Coronavirus Online Therapy with the intention of connecting essential workers with free and low-cost online therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, they have thousands of participating therapists within all 50 US States, and have recently expanded to serve not only essential workers during COVID, but also victims of national disasters and crises within the US including the 2020 California and Colorado Wildfires and the Table Mesa Shooting in Boulder, CO.

Promising Evidences of the Role Emotional CPR: Co-Immunity through Community CPR

Promising Evidences of the Role Emotional CPR: Co-Immunity through Community CPR – As this silent, invisible virus ravages our earth, many of us—young and old—feel alone, powerless, and numb. We are urged to keep a physical distance, wear a mask and wash our hands while we wait for enough people to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. Alienation, frustration, and despair seep in and crush our spirits in their frightening coils. When mental health professionals see these challenges and screen for anxiety and depression, their usual response is to affix a diagnostic label, and then prescribe medications. Yet, in times of other disasters or public health crisis, medication and traditional psychotherapy may not be enough—more than ever we need each other .

Pathways to Enhance Well-Being

was created to share some specific wellness practices that anyone can do and have includes some research findings on how these practices have enhanced the wellness of many people.


Empowers you with the knowledge and support you need to take charge of your life, make healthy choices, and start feeling better.

Depression and Swimming

Swimming actually can help reduce depression for several reasons, one of which is that it helps stimulate production of brain chemicals that elevate mood and outlook.

Fresh Hope

Based upon six tenets/principles which we see as foundational for living well in spite of mental health diagnosis. These tenets/principles are for both the person who has a diagnosis as well as for the loved ones of those who have a diagnosis.