Effective Peer Advocacy and Leadership: A Guide to Getting Involved with Boards and Councils

This guide is designed to provide education on the role of a peer advocate and leader volunteering on boards and councils. Understanding the many opportunities for advocacy and leadership available to you can provide you with a sense of meaning for your life’s experiences, as we work together to create lasting change in our lives, our homes, and our communities. You do not have to be a peer support specialist to share your experience and affect change. As a person in recovery, you have the incredible opportunity to share your story and the voice you have gained through your experiences.
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Lewis and Clark LAC

The purpose of the LAC is to assist in the improvement of Lewis and Clark County Public Health Behavioral Health (Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders) services and to review and make recommendations about behavioral health services to the Lewis […]

National Federation of Families Legislation and Advocacy

National Federation of Families Legislation and Advocacy -The National Federation of Families is involved at the national level in monitoring legislation, funding opportunities, advocacy opportunities and resources that could aid your work as the voice for families in your community, state and nationwide. Learn about current topics that impact youth and families, see our latest edition of updates, sign up to receive alerts, share news from your state and explore the advocacy toolkit – designed to assist individuals and organizations in their role as the voice for families.

Partnership to End Addiction Advocacy Toolkit

Partnership to End Addiction Advocacy Toolkit You are interested in advocacy, but where do you begin? What does it mean to advocate? How do you do so effectively? This toolkit provides you with an introduction to advocating on the issue of addiction. It explains what advocacy is and highlights why it’s so important and powerful. Get tips for building relationships and effectively communicating with members of Congress, learn about important advocacy needs in the addiction field, and gain guidance for getting involved. You can use these tactics to advocate at any level of government (i.e., federal, state, local).

Dawson County Local Advisory Council

The DC-BHLAC is a coalition of community members and area behavioral health providers. All residents and providers in the county are welcome. Our mission is to share resources, advocate, and challenge the stigma around behavioral health in Dawson County.

Sheridan County Local Advisory Council

Sheridan County Behavioral Health Coalition serves as a community development group. Therefore, it is important that the Coalition represent all those in the community that are interested in or impacted by mental illness, co-occurring disorders, and substance use. We strive to include representation of those with lived experiences and family members of those with lived experiences.

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Hill County Behavioral Health Local Advisory Council

The Havre/Hill County Behavioral Health Local Advisory Council is a local advocacy group working towards meeting the behavioral health needs of Hill County. We encourage anyone in the community to join us in our efforts. We partner with other local agencies to work as a team and offer referral services for those looking for behavioral health services.

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