Our Staff

Jim Hajny

Executive Director

Jim Hajny has served as Montana’s Peer Network’s, Executive Director since its inception in June 2011. He has taken the organization from a fledgling grassroots startup to a statewide recovery network with more than 1600 members statewide. He is an advocate for recovery oriented behavioral health services and driving force behind the development peer support workforce development and training across Montana. Mr. Hajny is a trained Peer Support Specialist, and a recovery trainer, a past chair of the Montana Peer Support Task Force and was appointed by Governor Steve Bullock to the Mental Disability Board of Visitors.

He is also a consultant to behavioral health agencies on peer services and recovery programming both statewide and nationally. On social media he hosts, 5 Good Minutes and  podcast Recovery Talks. He is a member of the Montana Behavioral Health Advisory Council, a past board member of the Park County Local Advisory Council on Mental Health and the Central Service Area Authority. He has been in recovery from a mental health and substance abuse diagnosis for over 26 years.

Andi has been in stable recovery from a mental health diagnosis for over 10 years. She has more than 20 years of experience working with non-profit organizations in various roles and has been managing websites, technology, and marketing for most of that time. Andi was the project director for the Bear Paw Kids’ Management Authority Systems of Care grant project for 3 years service youth with mental health diagnoses and has extensive experience working with low income families. She is involved with several local groups including as the Chair of the Hill County Behavioral Health Local Advisory Council and member of the Hill County Suicide Awareness Coalition.

Andi has been with MPN since 2018 and is the co-chair of the Family Support Committee. She was instrumental in the development of the Peer Advocacy and Leadership (PAL) project funded through a SAMHSA Statewide Consumer Networking grant and has assisted with grant writing for MPN.

Andi Daniel

Technology Coordinator

Bill Deavel

Mentoring and Membership Coordinator

Bill has been in recovery for fifteen years. He has been a peer support specialist for nine years. The gift of recovery has allowed him to have a family. He has been a part of the recovery community in Butt,e Montana since 2013.

Bill has worked for MPN since 2019. He was part of a demonstration project at Montana Chemical Dependency Center to show the effectiveness of peer support services. He has been building the mentoring program since 2020. Bill is currently the chair of the Butte-Silver Bow Local Advisory Council. Bill is continuing to build his skill through trainings. He loves to serve and support others in their journey of recovery.  


Lea Wetzel is a Criminal Justice CBHPSS, Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Trainer, Warrior Down Talking Circle Facilitator, a Peer Supporter for the 8th Judicial Veterans’ Court, Drop-in Center Coordinator, and a Podcast Interviewer all under Montana’s Peer Network. She’s a leader and a voice with connecting and educating, and representing all our state tribal Peer Supporters. She is also the Vice President of the North Central Montana Missing Murdered Indigenous People’s Task Force. She takes pride in being a survivor and a Piikani woman in recovery, within the movement of generational healing, with her own journey of reconnecting to her Indigenous ways and beliefs.  Her testimony was published, in Correcting Treatment in Corrections, a book developed by employees of Riverside Women’s Trauma Treatment Center, a past D.O.C. facility. Lea was justice system involved for 15 years before graduating from the 8th Judicial Drug Court Program. She’s determined to do what she can to help others, and channels that through being a member of our Criminal Justice Sub-Committee.

She is a full-time mother of two beautiful children and enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family and loved ones. She says that every day is a chance to honor her Brother Scott’s legacy, by continuing to be in recovery and finishing what he sought out to do, which was being a voice for all our relatives wanting a better life and healing. She’s got a passion to help others of all spectrums, as well as for her people, and we are very honored to have Lea with us here at MPN.

Lea Wetzel

Recovery Coach