Mandy Nunes
Board Member

My name is Mandy Nunes and I live in Billings, MT. I am a wife, a mother, and a soon to be grandmother! I am a recovering addict and I am also in recovery from mental health disorders. I spent most of my adolescent and early adult years suffering through trauma and mental health issues that I didn’t understand and using drugs, alcohol, and other toxic behaviors as a means of both relief and escape. Self-medicating in this way seemed like an effective solution until I became addicted and my solution became the problem. My mental health deteriorated rapidly. The years that followed included multiple suicide attempts and psychiatric hospitalizations, worsening drug addiction, chronic homelessness, criminal charges, and some lengthy stints of incarceration. In 2014 I was given the opportunity to participate in a drug court program and find recovery. My life began to improve and I began to change. I graduated drug court after 22 months of treatment and then began working at Rimrock Foundation. In the last few years I have been given such an amazing opportunity to help people that are just like me navigate their own journey of recovery. I model recovery and the importance of maintaining it by openly making my own a priority and continuing to take my prescribed medications, attending therapy, attending self-help meetings, and using my coping skills and wellness tools. Today I get to work with clients from a variety of treatment courts at the same place I received treatment as a drug court client! I have found so much reward in helping others find hope, strength, and courage. All of these experiences have ignited a passion within me to foster connection with other human beings in the midst of their suffering and to advocate strongly to remove barriers within our behavioral health system so that we can all receive the help we need to thrive.