As part of our strategic plan MPN is currently developing community based affiliates across Montana. These affiliates are run by people in recovery for people in recovery.

Activities of affiliates: any combination

  • Recruit new members
  • Disseminate recovery materials
  • Facilitate a peer support group
  • Attend LAC meetings
  • Relay information to and from MPN office
  • Host trainings and presentations
  • Pursue funding for local affiliate
  • Build a strong community voice for people in recovery
  • Outreach locally to those in need
  • Address community issues

Expectations of affiliates:

  • Outreach to local members
  • Hold monthly recovery meetings
    • Chair and co-chair (no Board)
      • Serve on the MPN membership committee and if elected on the BOD
    • Member voice
    • Discuss local issues and develop a plan of action
    • Networking
    • Presentations and trainings on recovery
  • Finances would all filter through the MPN office -unless a business entity is established
  • Submit meeting notes and sign in sheet to MPN office for Board of Directors
    • MPN office will relay information monthly to the affiliates
    • Hold trainings and presentations

If you are interested in developing an affiliate in your community or if your recovery organization would like to become an affiliate of MPN please contact Bobbi.

Current affiliates

Brent Morris

Ashley MacLean

Bobbi Becker

Great Falls
Ginny Carnes

Matt Furlong


Katie Sorenson