Start a peer group or program in your community

How to start a peer support group in your community:

  1. It only takes two people to start a support group so find another person who is interested in peer support. If you have more, wonderful. Eight is the ideal number
  2. Agree with other attendees on some ground rules for the meeting. What can and cannot be discussed. Keep it positive and recovery focused
  3. Find a location that is safe, conveniently located and free of charge
  4. Agree on a time and day of the week that works well for both of you. Usually peer support meetings last 1 hour
  5. Contact your local paper about a free listing for your support group
  6. Make up a few flyers to post on free community bulletin boards around town
  7. Show up to the meeting on time and keep it consistent. This is very important
  8. Warmly welcome every new person to the meeting
  9. Each meeting should have an introduction and a closing. This should be read each time without exception. Keep a format for the meeting lets people know what the meeting is about, the format, the topic, and when it is over.
  10. Don’t forget to smile

Building a peer program
If you need hands on assistance building or enhancing peer services Montana’s Peer Network offers consulting services at reasonable prices customized to fit your needs. Contact Executive Director Jim Hajny at 406-551-1058 or

For a list of current peer groups in Montana, please see our “Peer Support Groups in Montana” page


Become an affiliate

As part of our strategic plan MPN is currently developing community based affiliates across Montana. These affiliates are run by people in recovery for people in recovery.

Activities of affiliates: any combination

  • Recruit new members
  • Disseminate recovery materials
  • Facilitate a peer support group
  • Attend LAC meetings
  • Relay information to and from MPN office
  • Host trainings and presentations
  • Pursue funding for local affiliate
  • Build a strong community voice for people in recovery
  • Outreach locally to those in need
  • Address community issues

Expectations of affiliates:

  • Outreach to local members
  • Hold monthly recovery meetings
    • Chair and co-chair (no Board)
      • Serve on the MPN membership committee and if elected on the BOD
    • Member voice
    • Discuss local issues and develop a plan of action
    • Networking
    • Presentations and trainings on recovery
  • Finances would all filter through the MPN office -unless a business entity is established
  • Submit meeting notes and sign in sheet to MPN office for Board of Directors
    • MPN office will relay information monthly to the affiliates
    • Hold trainings and presentations

If you are interested in developing an affiliate in your community or if your recovery organization would like to become an affiliate of MPN please contact Dee Romine at

Current affiliates

Brent Morris

Dee Romine
Ashley MacLean

Bobbi Becker

Great Falls
Ginny Carnes

Matt Furlong

Genevieve Andrus
Katie Sorenson

Apply to Join the Board of Directors

A great way to get involved with MPN, give back to the recovery community and take on a leadership role is to join the board of directors!

Some things to know –

  • This is a corporate board of directors. Not a council or ad hoc committee. As a board director you are legally responsible for the corporation
  • This is a volunteer position – non compensation can be given to a non profit board of director
  • You must identify as being in recovery from mental health, substance use, addiction or trauma
  • Must be over 18
  • Must be able to commit 3-5 hours per month for 1 year
  • Have private access to high speed internet for video conferencing and regular email correspondence
  • If you can check all of those boxes click application below to begin the process

We are currently recruiting board members for our Board of Directors.

If you are interested please complete an application and return it to the office or a current board member. For more information, please contact Brent Morris, President at


You can donate via Paypal by clicking here or send us a check at: Montana’s Peer Network 109 East Lewis St. Livingston MT 59047

Thank you for your support!

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