I discovered MPN through an ad regarding PS101 classes. which I completed 3 years ago and have maintained membership ever since. PS101 showed me a different look at recovery that continues to give me strength and knowledge. The classes and trainings are helpful to my life and recovery of five years still today. The classes have inspired me to seek out needs of my community after learning about peers and that my experiences may help someone else.  That path took me to forming a trauma group on zoom. With Livingston being my home, I started a zoom group on Monday evenings at 7:30 called Trauma Connection. With the help of MPN, I have been able to trust my ability to host this group.  We have presenters that teach us different techniques to manage our stressors and triggers. Some nights we just talk as a group to discover different ways to manage trauma. We might talk about what a specific word means related to ourselves. Everyone is welcome. This group is not limited to MPN members only although if they are not members, that’s okay with the hopes that eventually they will want to become a member. I’m Carol Walsh and I am MPN!