Carol Walsh
Board Member

My name is Carol Walsh. I am a 5 generation Montanan that has returned home to replant the retirement roots closer to my family. I am a registered nurse that continues to hold an active license. My specialty was cardiac. My career gave me the opportunity to travel and work alongside some of this country’s most amazing physicians. I found it very interesting and intriguing to experience the many different cultures while traveling. Other than meeting new people and seeing new places, nurses have a tendency to do potlucks. With that said, the food was very interesting when people of different cultures and countries came together. I continue to do caregiving but in a much different role and consider myself semi-retired. I am also considered a Veteran after serving 3 years in the Army as a nurse. I was deployed for Desert Storm but never left the country. I was thankful for that after learning of the hardships my fellow comrades endured while deployed. My life was seen through alcohol which gave me a distorted lifestyle always filled with drama. I have since gone beyond that – being sober since 2015. It is amazing how much we can unknowingly destroy and miss out on life when we rely on unhealthy tools to function in our daily lives. I have two children, a son and a daughter that are estranged from me due to the choices I made while drinking. I have 6 grandchildren and one great grandson. We can never take back the words said or choices made while in a dysfunctional state of mind, only improve on what we have left. I continue to struggle with calming my PTSD and anxiety. I often regret the opportunities given to me that I disregarded due to alcoholic thinking. I consider my sobriety a gift from the higher power in that I started to become violently ill with every drink. I no longer want that drink. The hardest part for me now is the social connection. My so-called friends were only my drinking partners that have all dissipated in to thin air. MPN has given me a different way to look at life in a more productive manner verses just existing while numbing myself to challenges. I have been a member of MPN since 2017 starting with PS101. I am an uncertified Peer Supporter and Peer Coach. Trauma support seems to be my calling with MPN. I believe I have taken just about every training MPN has to offer with the exception of those for the certified peer supporters. Learning is exciting and something I will hopefully never stop. The progress this organization has made in only 3 years is amazing and becoming stronger every day throughout the state. I was recently accepted as a member to the Board of Directors with MPN. I am so excited to fill this position and be a part of this amazing sober lifestyle. I look forward to the future of this forward-thinking organization.

Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious- Thomas Edison