Brent Morris

Peer Services Coordinator

Brent was born, grew up and lives in the Billings area. His father figure growing up was his grandfather due to his father died by suicide following a battle with Behavioral Health issues. Brent has an inherited eye disease that is progressive with age and he now is blind. While growing up Brent lived with anxiety and depression attempting to cope with not being able to be involved with peers participating in sports and choosing the type of occupation he wanted. Brent chose alcohol and lived recklessly trying to cope and not face the truth about his barriers. In the Summer of 1986 Brent was driving under the influence of alcohol and hit an oncoming pickup truck causing a death and 2 people to be injured. Brent was seriously injured himself and following months of rehab he learned to walk and talk again. Brent went through the Judicial system charged with one count vehicular homicide and two counts vehicular assault. Brent spent time in prerelease and time on probation. Following this event in his life he fell back into living recklessly and drinking and he faced a traffic stop that could have put him in prison. Brent planned his suicide in detail and moved forward with the plan holding his shotgun while pressing the trigger with a yard stick being stopped by God asking if he had completed his tasks after being saved from his auto accident. Brent’s Recovery began and he met a beautiful woman who is now his wife and reaccepting Christ in his life and started his new acceptance of who he was and he acknowledged his strengths and is walking each day with new vision. Brent has worked as an auto dismantler, retail replenisher, construction laborer and social services arena. Brent now is working at Montana’s Peer Network and enjoys assisting others live their lives healthily and living a life they choose. Brent’s Recovery is filled with walks on the beach, enjoying Montana and lifting weights. Montana’s Peer Network has given Brent an opportunity to be a Peer Coach and empower those in Recovery choosing their Journey.