I am from Butte, MT. My photo was taken in my office. I have been in recovery for over 13 years, not all of them wonderful. To stay humble is key for my recovery. One of my mantras is “I can learn from anybody” which keeps me in the correct spiritual attitude. I am happiest when I am snuggling with my son. Being a father has given me a great deal of perspective on what really matters. I am proud to be an MPN member because I am able to learn and grow and be part of a movement that impacts the lives of all Montanans in a positive way. I would like to encourage everyone to believe in your dreams, they have purpose. Believe in yourself. One last thought that has impacted me in a positive way, forget the nay-sayers, or the agencies that label us, someone’s opinion of me does not have to become my reality. We write our own future, believe. I am Bill Deavel and I am MPN!