Beyond Incarceration:
Justice System Peer Specialist Training

Montana’s Peer Network is excited to launch an MPN-developed and comprehensive 24-hour (over 3 days) training program designed to equip peer supporters with the knowledge and skills necessary to support justice system-involved persons throughout the criminal justice experience.

During this training, cBHPSS will have the opportunity to draw from the collective wisdom gained through lived experience in the justice system to identify and analyze barriers, ethical dilemmas, bias, the impact of trauma, and the important role that positive relationships play in the success of peer support throughout the justice system. The training will facilitate a deeper understanding of the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM), discuss the roles of peer support across each intercept, provide professional and cultural considerations when navigating and working with others in the system, and identify data collection needs pertaining to each intercept. Beyond Incarceration provides an interactive learning experience inclusive of homework assignments, role play demonstrations, group learning exercises, and collaborative group discussions designed to prepare and equip cBHPSS with the skills needed to provide forensic peer support services. Participants who attend and participate throughout the entire training and pass a knowledge assessment will receive a Certificate of Specialization.

Topics include:

  • Peer Support Roles in the Criminal Justice System
  • Sequential Intercept Model Overview
  • Perceived Barriers and Bias
  • Reframing Personal Narratives and Perception Change
  • Thinking Changes
  • Hierarchy of Needs
  • Addressing Trauma
  • Navigating Complex Relationships
  • Advocacy
  • Code of Ethics
  • Resources

To register for the training, please complete the application.

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