Ashley McLean

Peer Support Training Coordinator

Ashley joined MPN in May 2018. She has been in recovery since 5-14-2011. That is 8 wondrous years of rainbows and glitter unicorns. Yeah, right. It has been 8 years of continuous work on recovery. Ups and downs, periods of complacency and periods of growth. In her recovery from alcoholism she was diagnosed with bipolar depression and has been in recovery from that for 4 years. Ashley says “The way I recover from alcoholism and bipolar are quite similar in that I cannot do it alone and the terms do not define who I am. They are just things that I have learned to live with.” Ashley lives a healthy life with her beautiful family. And, most importantly, she gets to see people at their depths and extend her hand to show others a way. “And even if they don’t want it then I have planted a seed like someone did for me at the age of 17 when I was first introduced into recovery.”