Amanda Walton

Peer Services Coordinator

Amanda Walton, CBHPSS, joined the MPN team in October 2020 with a sustainable, combined mission to motivate others in recovery and promote peer support services throughout the state of Montana.  She has remained in stable recovery for 6 years and is an unwavering advocate for behavioral health liberation and systems change.  Preferring the helping professions, she completed dual degrees in Criminal Justice/Human Services and General Education in 2010 from New Mexico State University shortly after her journey began.  Amanda currently serves on Montana’s Behavioral Health Advisory Council, is Secretary of the Dawson County Behavioral Health Advisory Board, emotional CPR (eCPR) training facilitator, as well as the creator of “Let’s Talk Recovery” peer support group in her community. An avid reader and lover of the arts, as well as a wife and mother of four, Mrs. Walton continues her recovery journey which began over a decade ago when she received a dual diagnosis after battling with mental health since childhood.  Prior to choosing recovery, her life was a dynamic struggle to overcome the battlefield in her mind that led to intermittent substance use and ended with corrections system involvement.  “The point where I thought I had lost everything and saw no reason to go on, that is where my journey of hope and healing began. My life transformed and my pain ignited my purpose.  My mess is now my message, sharing the reality that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE and accessible for anyone.”