Crystal Laufer
Board Member

I am Crystal Laufer. My family on both sides are homesteaders from Montana. I was born in California in 1969 and my parents moved back to Montana in 1973. I have lived in Havre for 46 years.
I have had a learning disability since I was six years old. It was caused from Scarlet Fever. I was bullied in school because of my disability and some time being an adult I still get bullied. I graduated from Havre High School in 1988. My parents always told me to not let my disability stop me from doing anything in life wanted to do.
I got married in 1995 and we have a daughter. I lost my husband in 2016 from cancer. My husband had schizophrenia and my daughter has ADHD and anxiety. Other family members and also friends deal with mental illnesses which is why I got involved with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), to learn more about mental illnesses.
I have been with NAMI HAVRE for about 13 years now. I am involved with the Local Advisory Council and I have been on that board for about 11 years. At the present I am the President of NAMI HAVRE. I have been through family support group training. I have been trained in Mental Health First Aid, and also in Youth Mental Health First Aid, and Family to Family. I have participated in the Suicide Awareness Walk for 4 years in Havre. I have been working as a Home Health Care provider for about 10 years and all my training has been helpful.
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