Recovery Conference SeptWORKSHOPS

Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan Incorporating the Use of Holistic or Alternative Activities
Bobbie Becker

Balanced, Centered, Grounded (Self-care in Recovery)
Dezri Rochin

Runtrition: How Running, Meditation and Plant-based Diet Support The Recovery Process
Greg Arciello

Medically Assisted Peer Support (MAPS)
Jason McNees

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Recovery
Jenea Buhler

The ‘A’ Word (The Arts)
Jesse Brinkerhoff

The Discovery of Self-worth
Matt Furlong

WRAP for Work:  Sustaining Personal Recovery While Supporting Others
Michelle Lewis and Mike Smith

The Phoenix Presentation
Dana Smith and Stevie Robinson

Forensic Peer Support- An Introduction
Laurie Pope


Plus the Service Area Authority Congress!


Join The Voices For Recovery: Together We Are Stronger. National Recovery Month 2019.