Montana’s Peer Network is dedicated to providing information, education and a platform for youth in Montana. We are currently offering free membership to our organization. Simply click here to sign up. It’s free and will help to connect you to others!


MPN is currently looking for YOUTH representation for its Board of Directors

Created by ChildWise Institute, Elevate Montana is a movement dedicated to elevating the well-being and futures of our children  through awareness & actions based on ACEs and trauma-informed approaches to build resilience in children and families.

Elevate Montana

30 schools recognized for mental health programming

Young People in Recovery

 Youth MOVE Montana




MPN Youth Grant Application — This is closed currently  Please check back


State of Montana Youth Resource Guide

Strength of Us –  connecting young adults impacted by mental health issues

School Suicide Prevention toolkit 

United Nations Youth Peer 2 Peer Handbook





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  1. Hello. We know it is asking alot, that we all treat each other as peers, but finding your passion and volunteering will make it easier. Not to mention give a smile. It’s free.

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