Trail 4

Path-to-PS101 Volunteer Program

You have reached this page because you have indicated:

  • You do not have a job offer in peer support;
  • You are not currently working in Peer Support;
  • You are not licensed or certified in another state;
  • You are unwilling or unable to pay the $950 training fee.

Volunteer Requirements

Candidates must complete a minimum of 100 hours of Volunteer time at one of several MPN approved Recovery-Centered sites. These hours must have been done over a period of no less than 90 days. The point is to have accumulated quality experience in a Recovery setting, not just checking a box on an application.

As an alternative to performing all volunteer hours in one location, applicant may have completed total of 100 or more hours of Volunteer Service in other Recovery-Centered settings. However, verification of these hours may be more difficult (Notarized verification letters or documentation of leading online groups, etc.). Examples of these Recovery-Centered settings may include:

  1. Facilitator for Peer-led Recovery group such as SMART Recovery, WRAP Program, Mindfulness program, or other non-12-step recovery group. (Must be trained, certified facilitator for respective group being led.)
  2. Applicant may also be able to gain hours by facilitating on online group for MPN.
  3. Also, if verified, applicant may count supervised hours worked in Recovery Oriented community non-profit facilities such as homeless shelters, warming centers, soup kitchens, food pantries, etc. These hours must involve working directly in contact with the clients, such as:
    • welcoming and check-in
    • serving food
    • Distribution of food at Food Pantry
    • Distribution of clothing/goods at shelter

This would NOT include duties such as collecting and restocking shelves in a food pantry or re-sale shop, cooking/preparing food, cleaning bedding or facilities, or any other task that does not involve direct contact with those being served.

Training Requirements

Additional education is required to ensure you understand peer support-type roles, have a thorough understanding of recovery and the philosophy that there are many pathways to recovery, and are prepared for the workforce. The following training/workshops are required prior to acceptance into PS101:

  • Workforce Readiness *Coming soon* (4 Hours):
    • TrailHeads: Mapping Your Journey to Peer Support Certification
    • FootPrints: Preparing for the Peer Support Workforce
    • BoardWalks: Bridging the Gap Between Lived Experience and Employability
  • Peer Coaching (8 Hours):
    • What Is Peer Coaching
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Trauma-Informed Support
    • Debriefing & Self-Care

Some of these are offered on demand and some are provided live – either online or in person. For on demand courses, the accompanying worksheet must be completed to prove completion of the training.

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Step 1

Establish Volunteer Agreement

Step 4

Complete State Licensing
ApplicationĀ  Process

Step 2

Volunteer Experience (100 Hours)
Facilitate Support Groups
Shadow Services
Complete Pre-PS101 Training Requirements

Step 3

AttendĀ  and pass PS101 Training
Pass Ps101 Exam