Trail 3

Welcome to Montana!

You have reached this page because you indicated that you are currently licensed or certified as a
Behavioral Health Peer Support Specialist (or equivalent) in another state.

Montana does not have any reciprocity agreements with other states regarding honoring licensing for Peer Support Specialists.

All candidates for our Trailheads must complete the Mapping Your Journey Questionnaire to begin the application process. You will be directed to the trail that is most appropriate for your situation.

Step 1

MPN must be able to verify your current out-of-state credentials digitally. Otherwise, you must provide an official copy of current license from other state, either via email from other State office or paper copy originating from other State office. 

This information must be submitted to Amanda before your application will be reviewed.

Step 4

Complete State Certification &
Licensing Application Process


Step 2

Complete PS101 Application &
Confirm Training Registration

Step 3

Attend and pass 40-Hour Training &
Pass PS101 Exam