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Elevating PSS through Career Development: A Pathway to Success

Peer Support Specialists play a crucial role in the behavioral health field, offering empathetic understanding and lived experience to those in need. While their dedication is commendable, it’s essential to recognize the immense value that career development can bring to their professional journey. Montana’s Peer Network continues to create opportunities for career development because we recognize the significance of investing in the growth and advancement of Peer Support Specialists, and how it not only benefits them personally but also contributes to the overall improvement of behavioral health services.

From Diagnosis of a Disability to Emotions and Advocacy

I am a mom with a child who has a disability. Our daughter was born three months premature. She had failure to thrive, was on oxygen, and needed heart surgery. I remember receiving the diagnosis that she has Cerebral Palsy. I wondered what this would mean for her in her life.

Forms of Advocacy

There are many different forms of advocacy, let me take you on my journey with advocacy. My recovery began in 2007 however I was being advocated for as early as 2003.

Join MPN’S Family Support Committee

The Family Support Committee was started in 2021 by and for parents and caregivers with lived experience raising a child with a behavioral health challenge and/or special health care need. Its mission is to develop and support Family Peer Supporters in MT to help families, who are currently raising a child with a behavioral health challenge and/or special healthcare need, build support systems, tools, and resiliency.

What is Advocacy

Advocacy is and activity by an individual or group aiming to influence rules, laws, and processes to bring a change wanted by the individual or group. the new Montana Legislative session begins today in Helena with our voted Representatives. This session will work with new laws passed and amendments made to existing laws also changes to funding for services provided for people in Montana. Montana’s Peer Network offers opportunity to learn how to professionally ask and advocate for changes you feel are needed to empower recovery oriented behavioral health services in our state.

Peer Support Specialist Committee

The Peer Support Specialist Committee was formed in 2020. It was established so that the peer support workforce had a group of people representing the workforce, willing to take on challenges and work towards finding and implementing solutions for issues.