Pilot Project

Recovery Coach Pilot Project

January 1, 2013 – June 30, 2015 (funded by Montana Mental Health Trust via AMDD)

Recovery Coach Pilot Project

Montana’s Peer Network Recovery Coach Pilot Project will provide community based recovery coaches to Gallatin and Park County. Activities provided by the pilot project will include:  

  • Working in conjunction with the Crisis Intervention Team to provide outreach and support to those in need
  • Will respond as needed and when appropriate to those in crisis
  • On site will provide peer support as an alternative option to more intensive/costly services
  • Coordinate with community resources/stakeholders to reduce high cost impacts of crisis on community system
  • Provide weekly recovery coaching as follow up to those who choose peer support as part of their own recovery from mental illness and or substance abuse
    • Community based peer support recovery group
    • One on one Recovery Coaching (peer support)
    • Support and assist with the development of self-directed wellness and recovery plans
    • Act as a role model for wellness and recovery
    • Provide whole health education and information
  • Act as a catalyst for systems change
    • Carry a message that “Recovery is Possible”
    • Cultural shift from medical model to recovery model
    • Community presentations on recovery and wellness
    • Integration of peer services and trauma informed care community wide
    • Development of peer services “toolkit”
  • White Paper
  • Montana Peer Support Toolkit Final Edition


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