We believe in the use of technology and social media to connect people, share information find resources and provide support. We do this through various means. There are many ways to utilize technology for one’s own recovery. For example a cell phone is powerful tool in our fingertips. It can access libraries of information instantaneously. Or it can connect us to recovery support.

MPN offers a one day training on the use of technology for recovery supports. Such as, podcasts, apps, social media, video blogs, websites and more. This training is targeted at service providers. In this training you will learn: what’s out there and how you might (better) utilize it. The goal of the training “Participants will become familiar with technologies used to access recovery support. To request a training on the use of technology with recovery supports click here




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3 Responses to Media

  1. Jessica Oltrogge says:

    Dear Peer Network,

    My name is Jesica and I was wondering if there was any Help/peer support for a persons spouce whose spouce has a brain disorder?

    We (My spouce and I) need all of the help we can get!!

    Please Have anice day!!


    Jessie Oltrogge

    • Mtpe9449 says:

      Jessie We do have a wellness and recovery telephonic support group on Thursdays at 1pm that can be accessed from anywhere. Simply call 1- 866-740-1260 enter code 7276642 to join the call for free peer support and information.

  2. Hello. I would like to put out a call for volunteers. What ever you are struggling with around your life there are others, groups and business’ that you can volunteer with to help with your own struggles. It does. More, what we gain from volunteering grows in ways that can not be measured. As what you do for others when you volunteer. Please get involved.

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