Peer Support Groups in Montana


Group: Recovery International
When: Wednesdays at 2pm
Where: Community Service Center (118 E. 7th)
Contact: Kerri, 406-559-0888



Group: MPN Affiliate Peer Support Group
When: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6pm
Where: LIFFT (1201 Grand Ave #1)
Contact: Brent, 406-690-3365

Group: NAMI Connection Support Group
When: Sundays from 3:00- 4:30 p.m. and Thursday from 1:00-2:30 pm
Contact: NAMI, 256-2001

Group: NAMI Youth Support Group
When: every other Wednesday
Contact: NAMI, 256-2001



Group: MPN’s Recovery is Possible
When: Tuesdays at 6pm
Where: Coldsmoke Coffeehouse (2051 W Oak St Suite 5)
Contact: Teresa, 406-451-3087

Group: Open Arms Drop-in Center
When: Weekdays at 12pm
Where: 699 Farmhouse Lane
Contact: Peter, (406) 556-6500



Group: MPN Affiliate Peer Support Group
When: Tuesday at 1pm
Where: Library uptown
Contact: Dee, 565-8895


Great Falls

Group: NAMI Connection Peer Support Group
When: second Monday of each month at 7pm
Where: Center for Mental Health (915 1st Ave So.)
Contact: Diane, 868-2448



Group: MPN Affiliate Peer Support Group
When: Thursdays at 5pm
Where: Lewis and Clark Library
Contact: Matt, 406-202-0544

Group: NAMI Connection Peer Support Group
When: 7pm on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month
Where: Our Place Drop-in Center
Contact: Quentin, 443-7871.



Group: NAMI Connection Peer Support Group
When: Thursdays at 1pm
Where: Wheat Montana
Contact: Susan, (406) 752-2353

Group: Depression Support
When: Wednesday at 12pm
Where: Pathways Conference room (200 Heritage Way)

Group: Celebrate Recovery
When: Thursdays at 5pm
Location:  Family Life Christian Church (1075 Foys Lake Road)
Contact: John and Ginger, (406) 257-9315



Group: Various TORCH groups
When: A different group for peers on Monday and Thursday through Saturday at 6pm
Where: TORCH office (517 W. Janeaux)
Contact: TORCH office, 406-538-6724



Group: Recovery International
When: Saturday 1– 2:30pm
Where: Missoula Public Library
Contact: Monique, 721-3947

Group: NAMI Connection Peer Support
When: Thursdays at 1:30
Contact: NAMI, 880-1013