Clinical Supervision Training

Clinical supervisor training (7 CEUs) is offered through:
Lynette Rodi, MA, LCPC, LAC
Journeys Consulting, LCC

Training Overview:

The work that we do in the world of mental health is incredible.  We are given the great honor of interacting with fellow humans who are walking a path on which they are experiencing pain, disillusionment, hopelessness, and even suffering to varying degrees.  We are invited into their worlds, into their pain and stories, and they allow us to offer whatever strength and encouragement we have.  This is amazing.  It’s awe-inspiring!  What a gift.    At the same time, our work is stressful, frustrating, overwhelming, demanding, and sometimes downright heartbreaking.  Too many of us get driven to the brink of despair.  We can feel helpless, hopeless, or worse…apathetic.  We need support and guidance.  We need mentorship.  We need to know we’re not alone.  Clinical supervision is one way to meet these needs.  Too often, though, even when supervision is provided, many entities are providing a “check the box” kind of supervision that doesn’t meet the needs of those it serves.  Many times this happens because clinical supervisors are given the title, but not offered the support they need in knowing what supervision is or how to provide it.   This training offers the what and how of clinical supervision and encourages and empowers you to offer your best self in your role as clinical supervisor.

Topics covered: 
What is clinical supervision?
What is leadership?
Nuts and Bolts
Functions and Roles, Models, Characteristics and Skills and Agreements 
Legal and Ethical Issues
Decision Making, Ethical Vulnerabilities, Liability (direct and indirect) and Other Safeguards
The “How”
Which model?  Which leadership style?  Self-Assessment, Getting to know supervisees, P&P of agency and HR, Getting supervision of your own Meetings, Structure and types, Setting goals and assessing, Handling difficult situations/conversations
Mindful Leadership and Positive Psychology in Leadership
Compassion Fatigue – Keeping yourself and your supervisees invested and empowered

Next training

November 1, 2018  Helena to register email

Please contact Katie Sorenson (, 406-551-1058)  for further information on locations and dates for Clinical Supervisor trainings

**The National Association of Social Workers also offers a 20 CEU course. Go to their website to find out more.**

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