Author: Bill Deavel

8 Dimensions of Wellness Wheel

Mental Health Awareness Month 2023

I have, over the past couple of years, been homing in on specific dimension of wellness and working on the dimension for an entire year. Each of these dimensions plays a key role in my overall mental health.


What an amazing subject to talk about. This will be my first time getting share with you on the topic of forgiveness. I would like to start off with saying if recovery is possible, so is forgiveness. I believe that it is hard to have one without the other. As I was growing up I had examples of forgiveness in my life.

Healthy Relationships

Well, this will be my fourth time I have written on this topic while at MPN. Let’s see what my heart puts down on paper. I believe that relationships are what gives each of our lives purpose.

Forms of Advocacy

There are many different forms of advocacy, let me take you on my journey with advocacy. My recovery began in 2007 however I was being advocated for as early as 2003.

Peer Support Specialist Committee

The Peer Support Specialist Committee was formed in 2020. It was established so that the peer support workforce had a group of people representing the workforce, willing to take on challenges and work towards finding and implementing solutions for issues.

Sprituality in Recovery

Spirituality is one of my favorite topics to talk about. I have no idea where I would be if I hadn’t implemented a spiritual practice in my life. Let’s talk about the evolution of how my spirituality came to be the cornerstone of my recovery.

Culture in Recovery

There are many forms of culture that we can address when it comes to recovery. Over the years it has been a piece of my professional development that I have had to work on. I think for me I needed to understand my own culture to be able to recognize and appreciate other forms of culture.

Managing Seasonal Change

Seasonal changes are an interesting topic for me to write about. Starting my recovery journey in the Great Northwest you would think that I would have lots to say about the topic. I remember while I was going through mental health treatment lots of my peers talked about how the seasonal changes really affected their mental health.

Relationships in Recovery

I believe that relationships are what gives each of our lives purpose. The connection that each of us have with the people in our lives is what gives us the ability have the emotions that we get to experience. I also believe that we get to have a relationship with ourselves.