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MPN Supports the Recovery Center at MSH


MPN supports the Recovery Center at Montana State Hospital. Once a month we provide peer support/recovery groups at MSH. We are honored and humbled to do so. Many of us have been hospitalized by our own illness and now have the opportunity to give back as a peer to others on their own road of recovery.

If you would like to start a support group in your community please contact our office      at 406-551-1058 we can help

Recovery is possible! Spread the word! Stop the stigma!

Hope  –  Education  –  Self Advocacy  –  Peer Support  –  Personal Responsibility – Resiliency

Montana’s Peer Network is a federally recognised 501c3 non profit organization. Our mission is to lead the expansion and development of recovery oriented services in Montana.

We are peer run, by people in recovery. We promote the recovery concepts of hope, self advocacy, education, peer support, personal responsibility and resiliency. We are a member based organization with a board of directors and staff. We are located in beautiful Livingston, Montana. Let us know if you are going to be in town and would like to stop by give us a call at 406- 551- 1058.

We believe that these concepts are universal regardless of what recovery program you may chose.



We currently have more than 700+  members in 45 unique communities across Montana as of August 2016.

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Montana’s Peer Network official priority list 

By Laws        501c3 status letter

PAST and Current FUNDERS of MPN

Montana Mental Health Trust

Addictive and Mental Disorder Division MT

Gallatin County, Montana

Children’s Mental Health Bureau MT


Park County Local Advisory Council

Town Pump Foundation

Early Childhood Development Project

Summit Independent Living Centers

MPN members

Public at Large

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Montana’s Peer Network,  109 East Lewis Street, Livingston, Montana 59047

One Response to About Us

  1. Sara Highum says:

    I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with you at Alternatives in Portland. I think it would be exciting to keep the lines of communication open with us here in North Dakota 🙂 I am wondering if you could send a brochure about your group, peer support in Montana, and the warmline. We do a peer support group on the inpatient psychiatric unit of our mental health unit. Trinity Hospital in Minot treats a lot of consumers from Montana. It would be great to have information to give them about where to turn for help and support when they return to their home communities. I’ll also give my co-worker who does most of the groups this website to print off information as well.

    Here would be the address if you can send anything:

    Mary Thomason, Peer Support Co-Ordinator
    c/o The Harmony Center
    212 East Central Avenue
    Minot, ND 58701

    The Consumer and Family Network of North Dakota is just getting ready to launch our website. If you are interested, I can send you a link when it is up.

    Hope you are having a good holiday season. Again I would like to stay in touch.

    Sara Highum
    Certified Peer Support Specialist
    CFN Board Member

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